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Marco Fogliamanzillo
Founder of Iamme Ia!

Iamme Ia! originated from the vision of three Sorrento-based entrepreneurs who share a deep passion for travelling. Since 2014, they have been curating unforgettable travel experiences in the captivating region of the Amalfi Coast. Welcoming travellers from diverse backgrounds, their aim is to introduce them to all the places they cherish and love.

Chiara Gigliotti
CEO at Carrani Tours

Carrani Tours, headquartered in Rome, stands as a leading Italian travel enterprise. With a rich history dating back to 1925, they now present more than 70 experiences in Rome and extend their offerings to the whole of Italy. From its foundation, Carrani Tours has consistently served as the trustworthy and competent DMC for every visitor in Rome and Italy, providing unparalleled quality and expertise.

Francesca Minato
CEO at Park View Viaggi

Park View Viaggi specializes in organizing trips to Venice and its surroundings areas, drawing upon their extensive experience in arranging both group and individual travels within Italy and also abroad. A strong connection to the Venetian territory allows them to offer distinctive experiences that can only be crafted by those who possess a genuine understanding of the region.

Guido Barocchi
CEO at Italian Travel Group

Italian Travel Group was born in Florence as a family-owned company back in 1923 and quickly became a renowned household name for tourists travelling in Tuscany. DMC, tour and bus operator, the integrated skill offer ranges from the design of tours and activities, both shared and private, to the pure tailor made experiences and up to chauffeured and coach services.

These four companies joined their forces to create the legal entity Italian Local Expert Srl

This project was funded by

This project was funded by

The investment program focused on the development of an e-commerce platform that offers exclusive services to international travelers. Additionally, activities related to the Play Italy branding were planned and implemented.

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Here’s our contacts

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