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Venice: top 10 things that are a MUST SEE, from a local
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Everyone probably knows about Venice, the city of love, the city floating on water and so many other appelatives that we just can’t write them all here. But, do you honestly know Venice and its must see spots?

Probably you’ve come across many articles talking about the best things to see in Venice but here, today, we really want to give you a point of view from a local perspective. From someone who lives, breathes and navigates throughout the canals everyday.

So sit comfortably and read our ultimate Venice guide!

Our hand-picked 10 Venice destinations

Don’t worry, we’ll keep it short and sweet!

Here at Play Italy we think of everyone. So we know some of you don’t really have the time to read this guide. Surprise! We have it all summed up here:

1. Saint Mark’s Square is where you need to start: for many symbols of Venice, full of centuries-old cafes and architecture … this square is so rich with stuff to see that you can even spend a whole day there.

2. Take a Gondola and observe the Grand Canal: this is probably what you see everytime you google pictures about Venice. Even if gondolas are expensive, we recommend passing through the canal by that or cheaper traghettos and boats.

3. Go to Saint Mark’s Campanile and watch Venice from 300ft: once a lighthouse, this is now used as a panoramic tower to see the whole city and the nearby islands.

4. Visit the Doge’s Palace in Saint Mark’s Square: no, this is not about the “doge meme”. This was actually the residence of the head (Doge) of the old Maritime Republic of Venice and it’s full of Gothic Venetian architecture.

5. Walk on the Bridge of Sighs: its original name, il Ponte dei Sospiri, refers directly to the prisoners that walked from Venice’s prison to the court-rome of the Doge’s Palace. The story tells that these prisoners used to sigh one last time looking at Venice’s beauty.

6. Shop in the Rialto Market: step aside from the touristy places to look into the more daily-like Venice. This Market is full of freshly-caught fish and vegetables as well as souvenirs and jewelry.

7. The islands of Murano and Burano: Murano’s island is worldwide famous for its glass-blowing tradition. It’s very common to see free live demonstrations on the island but, if you want to buy some Murano glass, be careful to find an original piece. Burano is famous for its super colorful buildings that once were used for fishing purposes. Now, it’s the island of Instagram pictures!

8. Explore the history behind the Jewish Ghetto: despite the conditions imposed upon Jewish people throughout history, their culture was still able to flourish. Five synagogues were built and they’re still recognizable by their lavish style, comparable to that of venetians’ churches.

9. Have a beach day at Lido Beach: do you know the Venice Film Festival? Well, this is where it’s held every year. And it’s also a small beautiful island in the Venice lagoon, known for its beaches and recreational activities.

10. Taste the ultimate aperitivo in a Bacaro: you can’t say you have tried an Aperitivo if you haven’t had one in Venice. You’ll need to learn three main words to experience it: ombra, cicchetti and bacaro. Ombra is the word for the local wine while cicchetti are the snacks that will be served with your drink, “tapas” style. The bacaro is the local bar or tavern that serve this aperitivo, it’s very easy to spot one as they are all around the city.

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